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Making a game from assets I created for #InkTober this year. The Pen is Mightier as a Sword. · By kurtataylor


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What a lovely response, and bug fix.
I feel like there's been a pretty good response to this project. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and played Nib. So, from talking with players I know t...
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🚀 Launch!! 🚀
Nib is live! 🖋️ is 💪 as a 🗡️...
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Making a game from assets I created for #InkTober this year. The Pen is Mightier as a Sword.
Title Screen in place
I've got the title screen and intro put together. I am getting really close to making it available...
Sketchbook Tour
I finished drawing all of the art for the game a little bit ago, so I put together a tour of the sketch book I used to make Nib...
Enemys Group Shot
Here is a group shot of most of the games enemies. (Please excuse the low res gif. I couldn't get it to upload without shrinking it a bunch.) I put this togethe...
Changing the games name
I'm changing the name of the game to "The Pen is Mightier as a Sword." InkJam isn't really a name, and "The Pen is Mightier as a Sword" has been the tag line fo...
Enemy Spawner
I don't want to have all of the enemies in the game just hanging out in the world. So, I made a little tool that spawns encounters for the player as they enter...
Which cliffs are safe to drop off of?
Still working away on #InkJam. A game made using the assets I drew during #InkTober. I'm getting close to done, so I thought I'd start talking about what's up...
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Hi Y'all. This is Kurt, and Nib has been a real fun project. It surely isn't quite done. So, please tell me what you thi...
started by kurtataylor May 02, 2020
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